Why Buy a Fibreglass Swimming Pool

Quick As A Splash

From our manufacturing plant straight to your home, your Barrier Reef Pools Factory Direct arrives ready to install. No-fuss installation in as little as seven days, compared with concrete rendered or pebbled pools which can take up to three months to complete.

Looking Good

Pools feature a super soft high gloss surface in a fantastic range of vibrant shimmer and royal colours. This ultra-hard wearing surface is non-porous, stain and chemical resistant and of course is so easy to maintain and clean.

Strong & Durable

Barrier Reef Pools fibreglass pool shells all exceed Australian and worldwide standard for thickness. This means that your pool is strong and durable, yet being made of fibreglass, can flex to accommodate most earth movement.

Pool Range

Development and expansion of our modern shapes and sizes are constant so that our range of pools is second to none. With an 800m2 facility dedicated to new pool development, ensures that you will have a choice of the very latest designs and features to suit your lifestyle.


Our commitment to overall production quality ensures that we use the finest materials and innovative manufacturing processes to bring you the very best in fibreglass swimming pools. We have combined our manufacturing process with the latest in swimming pool design and materials to create a new standard across the swimming pool industry.

This is why SAI Global have awarded Barrier Reef Pools with the ‘5’ Tick Certified Product Standard. We are the only company in Australia to be approved to display this symbol. Guaranteeing the swimming pool you buy is the very best that we can manufacture.

Colour Range

Boasting six shimmer colours combined with three royal colours you can be assured we have a colour to suit your lifestyle decore. Barrier Reef Pools pride themselves in only using a marine-grade gelcoat (ISO NPG.), ensuring the surface in the contact with pool water is the very best.


Barrier Reef Pools offer a Lifetime structural warranty with their pool shells. There is also a Lifetime internal warranty which meets SPASA Guidelines and Australian Standards, as opposed to concrete pools which at best, will guarantee a seven-year​ structural warranty.